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Corrugated Roof Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets were the first design of steel profiled roofing sheets and are still very popular today. Here at Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd for over 30 years now and have a wide range available to our customers.

Our galvanised steel corrugated roofing sheets are a great traditional looking weatherproof solution and are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure they are maintenance-free for many years to come.

Our corrugated roofing sheets are very affordable, durable and quick to install, which makes their use extremely popular in the construction of commercial, agricultural, industrial and domestic buildings. They can be fitted as a brand new roof but can also over clad an existing roof, if required, thus reducing the cost of labour. Our corrugated roofing sheets can also be used for side cladding buildings.


Our traditional corrugated roofing sheets are galvanised steel and available in two gauges (thicknesses): 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

The corrugations in these sheets are 3″ (76.2mm) from peak to peak and will direct any rainwater away from the building.

All standard colours and finishes are available.


Our corrugated roofing sheets are manufactured and cut to standard stock sizes shown below or can be manufactured to customers’ precise requirements. They provide 990mm cover width (as standard) when lapped and fitted.


Uses: Corrugated steel roofing sheets have been around for a long time and are still just as popular today as they provide a more traditional look. They are actually the only type of cladding accepted in conservation areas. They are also ideal for barns, farm and storage buildings, stables, cattle sheds, garages, sheds and workshops etc. Our corrugated sheets can be used as single skin sheeting, overcladding of an existing roof or form part of a double skin built-up insulated system.

Benefits: Corrugated steel roofing sheets are the most robust profile with a traditional look, lightweight, easy to install, fire-resistant and particularly cost-effective. They are extremely weatherproof and can withstand intense weather conditions such as hailstorms, heat, snow, storms and even hurricanes.


Corrugated GRP Fibreglass rooflights are also available. Our fibreglass GRP corrugated rooflights work in conjunction with our steel roofing sheets to incorporate natural daylight into your building. These rooflights allow 92% light transmission through the sheet so an excellent method to brighten up your building and reduce on electricity costs.


An anti-condensation membrane can be rolled onto the underneath of our corrugated roofing sheets during manufacturing to reduce condensation problems.


Our corrugated roofing sheets can be used as the top sheet on a built-up insulated roofing sheet system.


You can find information about how to fit your roofing sheets by clicking here

So, if you are looking for a company that specialises in corrugated roofing sheets get in touch with us today on 01675 462 692 and we’ll gladly answer any queries you may have.