Anti Condensation Roofing Sheets

Our anti-condensation roofing sheets are designed to eliminate any concerns about condensation with your roofing. The anti-condensation backing works by absorbing any formed droplets and will retain them until the temperature rises and moisture dissipates naturally.

These sheets also have added technology in the form of improved noise reduction from rainfall, so you can be sure no matter how heavy the downpour, the noise will be reduced.

The anti-condensation membrane can be rolled onto our steel box profile roofing sheets, steel corrugated roofing sheets, our steel pan tile roofing sheets or our steel tile effect roofing sheets.

All standard colours and finishes are available. PLEASE NOTE! the anti-condensation membrane is NOT available on plain galvanised sheeting, it is only available on polyester coated or PVC plastisol coated sheets.

These sheets are manufactured to customers precise requirements. All sheets provide 1m cover width when fitted, i.e. 10 sheets will cover 10 metres when fitted. We take great pride in the quality of our anti-condensation roofing sheets and aim to ensure that we only offer the best in quality to our clients. We offer high-quality roofing products for great prices, so no matter the scale of your project you can be sure we’ll help you keep the costs down without compromising.



Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd Anti-Condensation / Non Drip sheeting has been developed to reduce the inherent condensation problems associated with single skin non-insulated, agricultural and light industrial buildings.

What it does:

  • Regulates the formation of condensation
  • Absorbs the formed droplets
  • Retains formed droplets until the ambient temperature rises and the moisture dissipates naturally
  • Reduces the rainfall noise via the cushioning effect
  • Provides adequate condensation protection in most applications


The product is manufactured by bonding a non-woven polyester fabric to the reverse side of the sheet. We then roll form the material to the required profile and cut to customer specified lengths.

Thickness70 mu +/- 10%
Weight110g/m2 +/- 10%
Water Absorption (g/m2)0 deg 90045 deg 70090 deg 700
Anti-condensation Roofing Sheets Precautions


  1. The building must be designed with sufficient ventilation to enable the system to function correctly and allow the membrane to dry out during cycles. No foam fillers should be used to close the ridge or eaves.

  2. For use on newly built buildings in which water is still evaporating from concrete or rough-cast, additional ventilation must be provided, due to the very high relative humidity dripping is possible, this is normal.


When stored on-site the sheets must be protected from the weather.


Note! This product is designed for use on roofs with a pitch of 10 degrees or greater.

  1. Treat the gutter ends and vertical laps with varnish prior to installation, this seals the fabric and reduces the likelihood of fungal build-up. Alternatively, score the fabric at the gutter end and peel it away to prevent water from being absorbed and travelling back up the sheet.

  2. Handle very carefully to ensure that the fabric is not ripped or damaged in any way. Failure to adhere to this will adversely affect the performance of the product.

  3. When fitting ensure the end profile without the anti-con fabric overlaps the previous sheet to ensure moisture is not drawn in.

  4. Do not install directly onto water-absorbing materials such as wood. If you do use wooden purlins, cover with asphalt felt, use a PVC barrier tape or treat the timber with varnish prior to installation.

  5. Ensure the interior of the building or the area under the roof is well ventilated and DO NOT close the ridge or eaves with foam fillers.

  6. Pressure wash the product at least once a year (if possible). Use a fungicide solution on livestock buildings.
    Following the above points should maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of the ‘Non-Drip’ membrane.

If you have any questions regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01675 462692 or email: