Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets

Fibre cement roofing sheets

Our fibre cement roofing sheets are a much superior alternative to old roofing that contains asbestos cement. There are many different advantages to using fibre cement roofing sheets. They are completely weatherproof (without any condensation issues) and cost-effective, providing full protection to your building without breaking the bank.

They are easy to install and once they have been fitted they are virtually maintenance-free with a life expectancy of over 30 years. As well as being completely weatherproof, they are also resistant to chemicals, rust, rot and corrosion, so are suitable for all working buildings.

We will only provide our customers with the highest quality products that pass necessary fire regulations, and all of our fibre cement roofing sheets have been manufactured to meet British and European building standards and are all BBA approved. Our roofing sheets are available in a number of different colours, to suit your needs as perfectly as we can.


See examples of customer installations using fibre cement roofing sheets.


The standard colour range is available in four variations (Natural Grey, Juniper Green, Van Dyke Brown and Slate Blue).

STANDARD COLOUR RANGE fibre  cement roofing sheets


The Meadowscape Range is available in three natural variations of colour (Anthracite, Serpentine and Jasper) with a matt non BS colour finish that will blend over time into the rural landscape. The matt surface reduces sun glare and reflection which is crucial for many planning application approvals.

MEADOWSCAPE RANGE fibre cement roofing sheet


EURO SIX profiles consist of 8 profiles and 7 valleys per sheet.

Measurements: 146.5mm from peak to peak, 54mm height of the profile.


Gauge/Thickness: 6.8mm
Weight: 5 kilos per foot / 16.41 kilos per metre
Width: 1016mm cover width once lapped and fitted

SPACED SHEETING FOR CATTLE SHEDS is also available in the same profile and specifications, however, these sheets are trimmed to 1m in width to allow for maximum ventilation. Please contact us to order the trimmed sheets as they are not listed on the online shop.


Feet5″5″ 6 inches6″6″ 6 inches7″7″ 6 inches8″8″ 6 inches9″9″ 6 inches10″


Matching ridge cappings and barge boards are available in the same colours as sheets.

Cranked Crown / Close Fitting Ridge

Cranked Crown / Close Fitting Ridge

Cranked Vent / Ventilated Ridge

Cranked Vent / Ventilated Ridge

Length per capping: 1000mm
Width per capping: 900mm

These are available to purchase on our online shop in 12.5° and 15° pitch (other angles available, contact us for more information)


Plain Angle 90° Barge

Plain Angle 90° Barge

Cranked 12.5° or 15° Barge

Cranked Barge


Plain Angle: 1800mm, 2400mm or 3000mm
Cranked: 1300mm
Width per flashing: 200mm x 200mm


GRP Fibreglass Rooflights allow natural daylight into buildings which provides a better working environment, a better living environment for cattle and livestock and of course saves on the ever-increasing electricity costs. Our GRP rooflights are CE-marked and manufactured to a minimum of 2.44kg/m2

They are available in the following lengths:

Feet5″5″ 6 inches6″7″8″9″9″ 6 inches10″

EURO SIX (Big Six) GRP Fibreglass Roof Light

We are a team of highly skilled individuals with many years in the industry. Between us we have a lot of knowledge about supplying fibre cement roofing sheets, and whether they would be the best roofing material for you.

If you are looking for a material for an agricultural building, fibre cement roofing sheets would be ideal as they provide a lot of sound insulation, and will protect anything inside the building during bad weather.

They are also not affected by frost and ice, which is perfect for those winter months. They are incredibly durable and once fitted will last for many years, saving you money in the long run as the sheets will not need to be replaced after a certain time.

Our customers are very important to us, and if you would like more information about fibre cement roofing sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have and will strive to help you in the best way possible. To contact us, please telephone us directly, or fill in the form online. We will then get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


NOTE! We offer a delivery service to the whole of the UK, however, we do not use our own vehicles for Fibrecement Roofing Sheets, please contact us for a delivery quotation.

Current Delivery Lead Time: Under normal circumstances, our estimated delivery is 7-14 working days, however, due to increased demand and current circumstances, our lead times have been extended. Please call us on 01675 462692 for accurate delivery times.