Where Can Roofing Sheets be Installed?

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Roofing sheets are a go-to when it comes to DIY roofing projects. But with innovations in roofing materials, you might be surprised to learn of all their uses. Flexible, affordable and hardwearing, roofing sheets could be an excellent choice for your next project. So what types of roofing materials are available, and where can roofing sheets be installed?

Benefits of roofing sheets

It’s easy to see why roofing sheets have become so popular. They’re versatile and easy to install. If you’re used to using roof tiles, you can cover a much larger area in a fraction of the time.

You’ll also find that roofing sheet materials are tough, durable and long-lasting. For example, we only use steel roofing sheets from top-notch suppliers like Tata Steel which can last thirty years or more. And they can stand up to whatever the British weather throws at them, even in locations close to the sea, and they’re also very low maintenance.

Where can roofing sheets be installed?

Metal roofing sheet uses

If you’re looking for strength, durability and top-notch performance, you need galvanised steel roofing sheets. These sheets are ultra-hard wearing and damage resistant, available in various profiles, including corrugated, box and tile effect. Metal roofing sheets are available in different finishes and colours, making them suitable for a range of installations.

  • Corrugated roofing sheets are a versatile all-rounder for sheds, garages and outbuildings.
  • Often used in warehouses and other commercial or industrial buildings, box profile roofing is lightweight, easy to install and fireproof.
  • Tiled profile sheets are becoming a popular choice with homeowners as they look great on garages, summer houses, cabins, hot tub areas and other domestic buildings.
  • Where condensation is a problem, an anti-condensation membrane is woven to the underside of the steel sheets when manufactured, this is available for all the profiles in all the colours and finishes to reduce the issue.

Fibre cement roofing sheet uses

This highly durable roofing material can last for up to half a century. Fibre cement roofing has some other great benefits, including moisture resistance and breathability. They’re also a highly sustainable choice. One of the heaviest roofing materials around, the exceptional strength of fibre cement sheets makes them the number one choice for rural buildings.

  • Available in colours designed to blend into the landscape.
  • Ideal for use in livestock and other farm buildings.
  • The perfect stable environment for horses as insulated from noise and dampness.
  • Their salt and moisture resistance also makes them a good choice for coastal properties.

GRP fibreglass rooflight uses

Glass-reinforced plastic or GRP is a superb alternative to polycarbonate for roof lights, thanks to its superior water resistance and ability to block out glare. GRP allows for 92% light transmission creating a comfortable working environment. You can use these translucent roofing sheets anywhere you need natural light, providing a good, uniform light spread.

  • You can use GRP roof lights with fibre cement or galvanised steel roofing sheets in a wide range of applications.
  • Suitable for sheds, barns, warehouses and other buildings where windows aren’t an option.
  • Ideal for carports and garden canopies, GRP roofing sheets offer protection against UV damage. They are strong enough to stand up to rain, hailstones and high winds.

What’s the best type of roofing sheet?

Each type of roofing sheet has a range of uses, so the one that works best for you will depend on other factors, including ease of installation and budget.

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