What are Fibre Cement Sheets and why should you use them?

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Planning a refurbishment? If you are upgrading your roof, you might want to consider fibre cement sheets. Strong, durable and incredibly resilient, these sheets have become a popular favourite in the construction industry.

What are fibre cement sheets?

Fibre cement sheets are a versatile roofing material. Made from a mixture of Portland cement (limestone, iron and clay), sand and cellulose fibres, they’re favoured for various buildings.

You’ve most likely seen fibre cement sheets on agricultural buildings such as barns and stables. Due to the fact they are resistant to leaks and condensation, fibre cement roofing sheets help ensure a stable environment inside – essential for farm buildings that hold livestock.

They’re also a top choice for warehouses and smaller structures like garages or sheds.

Advantages of fibre cement roofing sheets?

The combination of composite materials gives fibre cement sheets unrivalled strength and durability, making them a reliable roofing material for buildings exposed to bad weather. But what additional advantages do they boast in comparison to other roofing materials?

Resistant to condensation

Fibre cement roofing is able to absorb moisture droplets and allow them to evaporate without becoming bothersome and potentially harmful condensation. This applies not only to outside weather but also to internal moisture, which if used for livestock housing could carry bacteria and disease.

Shelf life

Fibre cement roofing sheets last a long time and are extremely resilient. They are resistant to mould, rot, algae and moss — not to mention fire and chemicals. Unlike plastic, metal and fibre roofing sheets will not lose their shape in the heat and are immune to rust. Once fitted, they have a lifespan of over 50 years. So rest assured that whatever your structure, your roof will stand for decades!


Another major advantage of fibre cement sheets over other options is its affordability. It’s far cheaper than steel sheeting. Combined with the fact it lasts approximately 20 times longer than steel sheeting, this makes it an incredibly cost-effective roofing choice.

Low maintenance

Because fibre cement roofing sheets have such great longevity and are pretty much resistant to anything you throw at them, they require little-to-no maintenance. If you want to give your fibre roofing a spruce, then a spring clean with some mild detergent and a sponge or a power washer will do the trick.


Fibre roofing sheets are a farming favourite for livestock barns due to their ventilated nature. When fitted correctly, fibre cement roofing sheets enhance airflow but can also act as insulators, as well as being soundproof and weatherproof.


In comparison to metal, fibre roofing sheets cause limited damage to the environment, thanks to their construction process. Their manufacture requires little energy, making them an environmentally conscious choice for your next project. The longevity of fibre roofing sheets also reduces their environmental impact. In fact, fibre cement at the end of its life is 100% recyclable, reducing the amount of roofing that will go to landfill.

Versatile aesthetic

Did you know that fibre cement sheets are available in a range of colours? Whether you’re working on a domestic, agricultural or commercial project, you can tailor your roof to get the exact look you’re after.

At Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd, we offer the following colour options:

• Anthracite (dark grey)
• Jasper (sandy brown)
• Serpentine (green)
• Natural Grey

If you’d like to see these shades in more detail, get in touch and we can send you some samples.

Fibre cement roofing sheets: an all-rounder?

Fibre cement sheets are the perfect fit if you’re looking for a practical roofing solution. Hard-wearing, with high-level performance and minimal fuss, it’s easy to see why Rhino fibre cement roofing sheets are a firm construction favourite.

If you’d like to learn more about fibre cement roofing sheets or see our other products, including cladding and Rhino corrugated roofing sheets, contact our friendly team.

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