Update Your Building With Steel Roofing Sheets

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Refurbish your building with roofing sheets that offer a contemporary alternative to traditional roofing slate or clay tiles.

Although traditional slate or clay tiles are still the go-to choices for many roof styles, with metal roofing sheets the difference is clear. A hardwearing, long-lasting and robust profile with varying thicknesses, finishes and colours, they’re also extremely durable and low maintenance. At Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd we use only the highest quality of steel for our roofing sheets, making it a highly attractive option for all kinds of roof refurbishment projects.

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

Unbeatable Quality

Made using Tata Steel (formerly British Steel) or ArcelorMittal steel, all roofing sheets are compliant with the industry CE marking, ensuring you of the highest quality product but at an extremely competitive price.

Unlike traditional roofing materials, steel roof sheets need very little maintenance throughout their 30-year life expectancy. Ordinarily, plain galvanised uncoated sheets have an impressive life expectancy of 20 years because of the robustness of the steel used. When finished with a protective polyester or PVC plastisol coating, our steel roofing sheets will even last up to 30 years in standard environments, making it an unbeatable investment!

Easy Installation

Available in stock or bespoke manufactured to size lengths, steel roofing sheets are extremely easy to work with. Instead of installing 50 individual tiles, with roofing sheets you can fit one sheet. Their incredible lightweight profile makes installation and transportation much easier whilst providing immense cost savings and helping to reduce the weight of the loads applied to the building structure.

All sheeting can be fitted using self-drilling Tek Screws available from most hardware stores. There’s no need for unique fixings and fastenings that some roofing systems may need.

This teamed with our roofing sheet installation guide makes the installation method easier than ever before.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is an extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly product that is infinitely recycled without loss of quality. It’s an essential material that can be found in a whole variety of environments and industries. Its unique and distinctive properties mean that this same steel will be used in a variety of applications over and over again. As a result, non-renewable resources were not wasted, contributing to a sustainable future.

Choose GRP fibreglass rooflights for added energy-saving benefits. By allowing more natural daylight into the building you create a better working environment whilst reducing your electricity bills. Designed to work in conjunction with our roofing sheets, this is a cost-effective method of conserving energy and going green.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Available in a variety of styles, our roofing sheets are often comparable in appearance to traditional roof tiles but benefit from the modern advantages of steel roofing.

This makes it an attractive option for all types of roof applications from garden sheds, garages, summer houses, log cabins, workshops and wooden lodges to industrial units and agricultural farm buildings.

Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd roofing sheets come in a choice of 10 enticing and modern colours – juniper green, olive green, slate blue/grey, merlin grey, grey alkyd, goosewing grey, anthracite, black, van dyke brown and terracotta. This standard colour range consists of a pallet that reflects the natural landscape and surrounding areas that, will in time, blend into the natural landscape.

For more information about steel roofing sheets visit www.roofingsheetsbyrhino.com or call one of our experts on 01675 462 692 for advice on which roof sheet will suit your project, or for manufactured to size sheets.

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