The Benefits of Overcladding Your Building

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Considering replacing your existing roof but worried about the cost of downtime and labour? Then overcladding might be a solution. Overcladding a roof is the simplest and most cost-effective way of refurbishing with very little impact.

Whether it’s the roof of your garden shed, industrial unit or agricultural farm building that has come to the end of its life, overcladding, rather than replacing, can be a simpler and safer solution. By overcladding your roof you remove the costs associated with the safe disposal of waste. You also minimise the disruption to your building and its occupants, resulting in zero production downtime for both workers and tenants.

What is overcladding?

The overclad process involves fixing a quatro bar, mini zed rail or steel grid tight bar through your existing roof into the purlins below. Once fixed into place, any of our roofing sheets, whether that’s box profile, corrugated or tile effect roofing sheets, can be fixed into position.

Before the top sheet is fixed a layer of rockwool is laid out on the existing roof to insulate the building (any thickness of Rockwell can be used dependent upon your requirements). Once the Rockwool has been laid out, fix your top sheet to the quatro bar, mini zed rail or steel grid tight bar. Once fixed, the space created between the two skins can be closed off/finished with a bespoke flashing to suit the colours of the building.

The benefits of overcladding

As well as being one of the most cost-effective methods of installing a new roof, overcladding boasts a number of additional benefits which include:

• Minimised labour
• Maximised return on investment
• Minimised costs associated with the transportation and disposal of your roof
• No planning permission required to overclad and transform an old roof
• Minimised disruption to the building and occupants
• Increased thermal performance and energy efficiency

Overcladding your building

Whilst overcladding provides a simpler alternative to replacing your roof, this process still involves fixing rails and bars to your existing roof which could release harmful fibres. The safety of our customers is extremely important to us, which is why we always recommend checking for asbestos before installation and using professional fitters to carry out this service.

View our wide range of steel roofing sheets available or call 01675 462692 to know more about the overcladding process and how it’s done.

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