Fibreglass GRP Rooflights (Off the Shelf)


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GRP fibreglass rooflights are a superb way to bring natural daylight into your building creating a much better working space and reducing on electricity costs. They allow 92% light transmission through the sheets and can be used to cover the whole roof or used in conjunction with our steel roofing sheets.

Available in many different profiles to match our steel and fibre cement sheeting.

Prime Grade A GRP material, made to Class 3, and a weight of 2.44kg per square metre which is ideal for all agricultural purposes and industrial and domestic buildings.

Euro Six (Big Six) GRP Fibreglass Rooflights

Big six profile GRP rooflights consist of 8 profiles, each at 6inch ( centres. These sheets can be used in conjunction with our Euro 6 fibre cement sheets. They are also ideal for replacing old brittle rooflights and porous fibre cement sheets.