Box Profile Roofing Sheets from Stock


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Box profile roofing sheets are currently our most popular product as they offer a modern alternative to the older corrugated style at a very competitive price.

These particular sheets are already manufactured to popular lengths and held in stock so a much more cost-effective option than having the sheets manufactured to specific sizes. This also means they are readily available for collections at any time.

Our box profile roofing sheets can be fitted as a brand new roof but can also over clad an existing roof, if required, thus reducing the cost of labour.

They consist of six profiles and five valleys where the water runs, each profile is 32mm deep and at 200mm centres from peak to peak. For extra support and stability, two extra swages are rolled into every valley of the sheet.

If you need specific sizes or colours not shown here, please view our other listing for ‘Manufactured to Size’. Here you can order sheets in any length from 1m up to 7.5m