How to Choose What Colour Roofing Sheets You Want

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Roofing sheets are a great choice for your domestic buildings; sheds, garages, summer houses, lodges and shelters etc as well as industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. They are fire-resistant and long-lasting and add a sleek contemporary aesthetic to a range of buildings. But choosing the right colour for your new roof can be a challenge, and once installed, changing colour is not an option.

Choosing the right look doesn’t have to be a drama if you follow a few simple rules. Learn how to choose what colour roofing sheets to create a real impact.

Integrate with the local area

The kind of scenery around your structure can give you some hints about the best colour for its roof. If it is in an urban area, then aim to blend in with the dominant roof colour, whether that’s slate or red roof tiles. Consider a soft olive or juniper green in a rural area to blend seamlessly with trees and other foliage.

If you’re in a conservation area, you might need to select roofing sheets that blend with the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

Think about aesthetics

Kerb appeal goes a long way. So choosing a colour for your roofing sheets on your garden shed or garage could affect your home’s overall value if you don’t get it right.

Think about the style of your structure and the features of your roof. If yours has a steep pitch that’s highly visible, think twice about opting for a colour that will stand out.

Dark grey is on-trend for glazing and paintwork, so a grey roof could create a seamless modern aesthetic. Van Dyke Brown and Terracotta are subtle and beautiful traditional choices for a tile effect roof. For a brick garage or outdoor workshop, try a pop of colour with a green or a Slate Blue roof that offsets your brickwork.

All times, all weathers

Take the time to consider the roof in question at different times of the day and in various weather conditions. How does it look in bright morning sunlight? And on a gloomy afternoon? If you like the colour of your existing roof, consider how your brand new roofing sheets will enhance the look. What looks good on the page could be a real eyesore over a large area.

If you’re tempted by a lighter colour, take note of any areas of the roof where there’s glare at any time of the day. A lighter colour will reflect the light and make that glare even more noticeable. On the other hand, a darker roof could look dull, especially if you don’t get much natural light.

Dark or light?

A light roof can make a structure look taller, while a dark colour can help to soften and diminish the look of a very steep roof pitch. This might be something to keep in mind if you want to make your shed, garage or lodge stand out, or if you are trying to make it a little more discreet.

If you’ll be using your structure as a leisure space or granny annexe, another consideration is energy efficiency. Suppose your building is exposed to plenty of sunlight. In that case, a lighter colour will better regulate the effect of heat and protect your roof. If you’re in a cooler climate, a dark coloured roof will absorb heat and help to reduce your heating bills.

Do your research

When you’re making such a big decision, it really pays to do your research. Find pictures of similar projects using the same colour roof so you have a good idea of how the finished product appears.

Metal roof samples can also help you get an idea of the finished product. Or download our full-colour brochure.

Rhino roofing and cladding

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