How do we make bespoke roofing sheets to your exact requirements?

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Whether you need DIY roofing for your shed or professional roofing for a warehouse installation, standard sizes aren’t always the best for the job. As experts in roofing sheets, we know that bespoke sheets aren’t the cheapest solution but can be the best solution for a lot of projects. That’s why we not only offer stock lengths for those on a budget but also manufacture to your exact requirements. 

Here’s how and why we decided to create tailor-made roofing for your DIY and professional projects.

Choose metal roofing sheets?

Metal roofing sheets are the solution if you’re looking for a hardwearing, long-lasting and sustainable roofing material. Lightweight for ease of installation and available in various profiles, finishes and colours, they’re a modern way to upgrade roofs on commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic buildings. And because they stand up to most weather conditions and are fire-resistant, they’re a cost-effective choice with easy maintenance.

Benefits of bespoke roofing sheets

Have you ever had to settle for the closest match for a job and been dissatisfied with the results? Bespoke roofing sheets are ideal for non-standard installations or awkward roof shapes.

The key is customisation. We can fabricate a roofing sheet to your exact measurements and requirements, including your chosen profile, a choice of colours and finishes and adding an anti-condesation membrane if needed. By working directly with us, you’ll have the desired results in no time at all.

Our metal roofing sheets are lightweight, malleable and durable, making them an excellent choice when you need a material that won’t corrode, even when exposed to the elements. And with made-to-measure roofing, you can create compatible roofing sheets that are installed quickly and efficiently.

Which roofing sheets can we manufacture?

Whatever your needs, we can manufacture a roofing sheet to match. From box profile and corrugated sheets to tile effect roofing sheets, anti-condensation roofing sheets and composite panels, we make products to suit a vast range of applications, from agricultural, commercial and industrial installations to DIY roofing for your garage or workshop. Here’s a closer look at a selection of our bespoke products:

Box profile roofing sheets

Our box profile roofing sheets can be manufactured to your precise requirements. Robust, lightweight and with a more modern profile than corrugated sheets, you can also add an anti-condensation membrane to the sheets during manufacture. We also provide GRP roof lights in the same profile to allow natural daylighit into your building. These sheets can be used for a brand new roof or installed over an existing roof.

Corrugated roofing sheets

This traditional roofing style is a great weatherproof solution and very quick to install. If required, we can manufacture sheets to your precise measurements and add an anti-condensation membrane. Like box profile roofing, corrugated sheets can form part of a double-skinned insulated roofing system, and we provide GRP fibreglass rooflights in the same profile to allow natural daylight into the building.

Tile effect roofing sheets

Tile effect sheets are an excellent aesthetic choice and come in a range of colours and finishes, they can also be rolled with the anti-condensation membrane if required. We’ll create a tiled roofing sheet to your measurements, minimising the installation time. Tile effect sheets are a popular choice for various uses and can also be used as the finishing sheet for a double-skinned insulated roofing system.

Anti-condensation roofing sheets

If you need a condensation-free single-skin roofing solution, our bespoke anti-condensation roofing sheets fit the bill. The anti-condensation membrane can be rolled onto the reverse side of your chosen roofing sheets before being cut to the desired length. 

Choosing the right bespoke roofing sheets for your project

Before you order, you need to consider the right roofing sheet for your project.

Box profile roofing sheets are popular for industrial and commercial buildings, the sleek appearance also makes this a good choice for domestic projects, such as garages, sheds and workshops. Attractive and versatile, with a modern look, box profile roofing is a solid choice for aesthetic appeal with minimal maintenance. Like all our metal roofing sheets, it can also be installed as a top sheet for an insulated roofing solution.

Corrugated sheets are a familiar sight in agricultural buildings. The original corrugations help to encourage rainwater to run off the roof. Corrugated metal roofing is lightweight, low maintenance and easy to install and can be used to create a surprisingly stylish finish for domestic buildings. 

Tile effect roofing sheets take the hassle out of a tiled roof. Instead of individual tiles, you install a single sheet of preformed tiles giving a traditional appearance. It’s easy to achieve the look of slate or terracotta, to match a garage or outbuilding to an existing domestic roof. And tile effect roofing blends with any urban or rural setting, making them a popular choice for log cabins, summerhouses, equestrian buildings, garages and much more.

Rhino Steel Cladding for all your roofing sheet needs

With over 30 years of experience, Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd specialises in creating bespoke metal roofing sheets for DIY and professional roofing. And when you order from us, you can be assured you’re getting cost-effective bespoke roofing sheets of the finest quality.

Whatever your project, Rhino can help. So, download our brochure or contact our friendly and experienced team today.

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