Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets for Equestrian Stables

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Horse Stable

Do you want to create the perfect environment for your horses, protecting them from external noises and dampness? If you do, then our EuroFive fibre cement roofing sheets are a great long-term solution.

The need for a suitable environment

Not all horses need a stable, but those that do can benefit from enhanced performance and health. This is achieved by creating a calm and relaxed setting, where horses are protected from external noises such as heavy rainfall and storms, as well as dampness. Our EuroFive equestrian fibre cement roofing sheets help you achieve a stress-free stable environment.

The benefits of equestrian roofing sheets

As well as contributing to horse health and reducing animal distress, fibre cement roofing sheets provide a durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free investment for over 30 years. Their excellent thermal properties help keep the temperature inside consistent, by absorbing the weather outside and as a result, reducing condensation problems.

By absorbing internal moisture from the horses’ heat and respiration, the condensation can evaporate naturally, reducing moisture inside. Creating a damp free stable will not only protect your horse from bacteria, allergens and disease but also reduce the risk of rust and corrosion by preventing leaks and droplets from forming inside the structure. To improve stable ventilation further, closed fitting ridges or vented ridges for apex roofs can be installed to allow internal air to dissipate out of the building, creating a clean airflow.

Increasing the amount of natural daylight into your stable is another way of improving the living environment for your horses. By installing our GRP fibreglass rooflights, you create a lighter and brighter environment, whilst also reducing your electricity costs.

Installing stable roofing

Thanks to their lightweight and small profile, fibre cement roofing sheets are the ideal addition to any stable. At just 11KG per SQM, they are easily installed and will not sag or bow once fitted into position.

As suppliers of EuroFive fibre cement roofing sheets to the equestrian and agricultural sectors, we stock fibre cement sheets in a variety of lengths and colours including Natural Grey, Slate Grey, Juniper Green, Van Dyke Brown and Terracotta. We’ll even deliver them straight to your door or yard, anywhere in the UK.

Order your equestrian roofing sheets online or call us today to discuss your stable roofing requirements.

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