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10 Things You Need to Know About Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal Roofing sheets have been the prime choice for homeowners and businesses for decades. As industry specialists, we know that there are numerous benefits for choosing metal roofing over a conventional alternative.


1.Varied Styles

From our popular galvanised steel corrugated roofing-sheets to our tile effectalternative that looks extremely effective, our metal roofing sheets come in a variety of great profiles, colours and finishes that can be customised for your needs.


2.Numerous Applications

We supply a variety of roofing sheets for suitable applications ranging from agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings to personal garages and workshops.



We often get asked whether or not a metal roof will attract lightning, but luckily, they’re no more likely to attract lightning than a conventional roof.



A metal roofing installation is a popular option for industry professionals because they’re incredibly hardwearing, extremely hard to damage and will last over 25 years.


5.Over Roofing

One big advantage of metal roofing is that it is a lightweight option that can be installed over an existing roof.


6.Fire-Resistant Material

Metal roofing has strong fire-resistant properties. This makes the material a little safer than a conventional roof in the event of a fire.


7.Weather Resistant

In the UK, it’s common to go through multiple extremes of weather in one day. Luckily, metal sheets are considered an all-round weather resistant option.


8.They’re Not Noisy

Decades ago, metal roofing sheets were known for creating incredible levels of noise, but thanks to new advances in materials and installation, there are now options to reduce the noise levels. The sheets can be manufactured with a woven membrane on the underside which reduces the noise no matter how heavy the down pour, or you can insulate with either the composite panels or the double skin built up insulated system.


9. Condensation Concerns

There are often concerns about metal roofing sheets causing condensation droplets, nowadays this is not an issue as the sheets can be manufactured with an anti-condensation backing which absorbs the droplets and retains them until the temperature rises and moisture dissipates naturally.


10.They’re Easy to Install

Metal Roofing is a first-rate choice that’s simple to install. For installation advice, talk to the roofing sheet and wall cladding specialists.