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How To Tell If It’s Time To Replace Your Roofing Sheets

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When your roofing sheets need replacing, it’s best to do it as soon as possible to avoid any major damage to your building and the contents within your building. Although it’s an important job, many people don’t know when their roofing sheets need replacing, so we’ve put together 5 warning signs to look out for.


Water Damage or Leaking


If you find damp areas or leaks, it might be a sign of a damaged roof that’s letting in rain. You may be able to replace a section of the roof with the same profile sheeting, it’s important to do this as soon as possible.


Warped Panels


If you notice that your roof is warped, this might be an indication of dangerous structural damage that could cause collapse if left untreated. Roof sagging, warped panels, and loose sheets are likely caused by exposure to extreme weather.


Mould and Moss Growth


If you notice moss and mould on your roof, and it isn’t cleaned, bacteria and fungi could grow and in extreme cases, force your roofing sheets apart, creating gaps and bringing on water damage in the future.




If you are by the sea, seawater in the air can cause painted steel sheets to corrode way faster than they would on the mainland. Rust corrosion is an attack that destroys the metal due to the way it reacts to the environment around it. Given enough time the entire structure can fall apart and disintegrate, so sheets must be checked regularly in these areas. We strongly recommend using PVC plastisol-coated sheets in these areas.


Damaged Flashing


While flashings are made of strong steel, they are still open to damage. Unfortunately, any damage to flashings could leave your roof open to vulnerability and cause ongoing moisture problems.


All the above a factors to consider and keep an eye on with your current roof, however, Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd steel roofing sheets have a life expectancy of 25 years +, and they don’t require much looking after once installed, just wash them down from time to time, and they are good for years to come.


What Should You Do If Your Roofing Sheets Need Replacing?


Replacing your existing roof with high-quality Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd roofing sheets will lessen the risk of exposure from the elements and prevent further damage.


Consulting a specialist is probably the best thing you can do to avoid any further roof damage. For more information about rhino roofing and cladding, contact our specialists today.

How much are fence panels and where can I buy them?

How much are fence panels and where can I buy them

Whether you’re a tradesperson, work in agriculture, business owner or want to secure and maintain your home, you need high-quality fence panels that are strong and built to last.


So, how much are steel fence panels and where can I buy them?’ Finding the right panels at the right price isn’t easy – unless you work with a trusted company.


At Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd, we supply many types of roofing and wall cladding sheets but we also manufacture bespoke steel fence panels at affordable prices that will last over 25 years and virtually maintenance-free from £44 per panel. Here are a few reasons you should consider us first.


1. We’ve got over 30 years of experience


True, you might be able to find standard fence panels at a popular retail outlet – but do they offer steel fence panels that are far more durable than standard panels and don’t require treating every year like timber panels, and will their team members know how to answer your questions if you require something more specific? If you’re not sure what you need, it’s best to speak to experts – so talk to us today instead.


2. Our steel fence panels are very strong


As we mentioned earlier, you want to buy from experts – but quality matters too. Our products are made from galvanized steel with a PVC plastisol coated finish so extremely durable and will last over 25 years with no maintenance – making them a real investment!


3. A cost-effective choice for everyone

Whether you’re a tradesperson or homeowner, you’ll love our competitive prices. And because our steel fence panels are made to last, you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket again any time soon.


Buy Steel Fence Panels – Talk To Our Experts


Chat to a friendly member of our team to learn more. We offer a delivery service to customers throughout the whole of the UK and even deliver to local ports should you wish to ship our products further afield.


Need something else? Ask about rhino corrugated roofing sheets, rhino roof and cladding and rhino sheet cladding when calling. There are so many ways we can help you.

The complete guide when choosing the best material for your roofing project

The complete guide when choosing the best material for your roofing project


When choosing what material to use for your roofing project, you can get bogged down in all the different information out there. Here at Roofing Sheets by Rhino, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and expert advice. We have compiled a complete guide to choosing the best material for your roofing project to help you make the right decision.


Box profile roofing sheets


This type of roofing sheet is perfect for cladding industrial, commercial or domestic buildings. The variety of thicknesses, finishes and colours, allow you to pick the best type for your project. This roofing sheet is also great for giving a more modern look to a building.


Corrugated sheet metal roofing sheets


Corrugated roofing sheets are made of galvanised steel and will give a more traditional look to your roofing project. This type of roofing sheet is often used for cladding agricultural, equestrian or domestic buildings.


Tile effect roofing sheets


These roofing sheets give the appearance of a traditional tiled roof. Therefore, they are great for domestic buildings and are often used in buildings such as log cabins and garages. There are two possible finishes and many colours to choose from for this type of roofing sheet.


Fibrecement roofing sheets


Fibre cement roofing sheets are designed so that they do not create condensation. They are most commonly used in livestock and other farm buildings. There are various colour options available in these sheets, the most popular being a natural grey colour but also available in Juniper Green, Slate Blue, Van Dyke Brown, Serpentine, Anthracite and Jasper.


Clear fibreglass GRP roofing sheets


This type of sheet is great for allowing natural daylight into buildings. They can be used to roof a whole building or worked into a design with other types of roofing sheets as they come in many different profiles.


Ready to start your roofing project? Talk to one of our experts on 01675 462692 or email us at

Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets

Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets

Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd anti-condensation roofing sheets are a simple, effective, low-maintenance way to prevent condensation in your buildings.


What are roofing sheets?


Roofing sheets are a quick, easy, low maintenance roofing option for buildings with many different purposes such as stables, cattlesheds, farm buildings, workshops, warehouses, shops, garages and many other facilities. At Rhino Steel Cladding Ltd we offer roofing sheets made from galvanised steel and fibre cement in many difference profiles, colours and finishes, we also offer GRP fibreglass rooflights to match all profiles.




The build up of moisture on buildings using single-skin steel roofing sheets is a known issue. As well as dripping on you or your livestock, it can cause problems with the building itself and anything you store inside it. You can overcome this problem by installing a double skin insulated system, however our very own anti-condensation roofing sheets are so much simpler to install and way more cost effective.


What are Anti-Condensation roofing sheets?


Anti-condensation roofing sheets work by rolling our anti-condensation membrane on the underneath of our steel corrugated, box profile or tile effect roofing sheets. This technology eliminates the build up of condensation by absorbing any droplets of condensation and keeping hold of them until the temperature has risen enough for the moisture to dissipate naturally.


Making the most of your anti-condensation roofing sheets


In order to get the best out of your new roofing system there are a few things to consider; Ensure there is good air circulation underneath the sheets, especially with newly finished buildings where moisture can still be evaporating from concrete or rough cast. We also recommend ridge and eaves foam fillers are not used to ensure maximum air circulation and ensure the roof pitch is a minimum of 10° for the liner to be fully effective.


Have any more questions about roofing sheets? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat today.

10 things you need to know about metal roofing sheets

Metal Roofing sheets have been the prime choice for homeowners and businesses for decades. As industry specialists, we know that there are numerous benefits for choosing metal roofing over a conventional alternative.


1.Varied Styles

From our popular galvanised steel corrugated roofing-sheets to our tile effectalternative that looks extremely effective, our metal roofing sheets come in a variety of great profiles, colours and finishes that can be customised for your needs.


2.Numerous Applications

We supply a variety of roofing sheets for suitable applications ranging from agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings to personal garages and workshops.



We often get asked whether or not a metal roof will attract lightning, but luckily, they’re no more likely to attract lightning than a conventional roof.



A metal roofing installation is a popular option for industry professionals because they’re incredibly hardwearing, extremely hard to damage and will last over 25 years.


5.Over Roofing

One big advantage of metal roofing is that it is a lightweight option that can be installed over an existing roof.


6.Fire-Resistant Material

Metal roofing has strong fire-resistant properties. This makes the material a little safer than a conventional roof in the event of a fire.


7.Weather Resistant

In the UK, it’s common to go through multiple extremes of weather in one day. Luckily, metal sheets are considered an all-round weather resistant option.


8.They’re Not Noisy

Decades ago, metal roofing sheets were known for creating incredible levels of noise, but thanks to new advances in materials and installation, there are now options to reduce the noise levels. The sheets can be manufactured with a woven membrane on the underside which reduces the noise no matter how heavy the down pour, or you can insulate with either the composite panels or the double skin built up insulated system.


9. Condensation Concerns

There are often concerns about metal roofing sheets causing condensation droplets, nowadays this is not an issue as the sheets can be manufactured with an anti-condensation backing which absorbs the droplets and retains them until the temperature rises and moisture dissipates naturally.


10.They’re Easy to Install

Metal Roofing is a first-rate choice that’s simple to install. For installation advice, talk to the roofing sheet and wall cladding specialists.   

Which one is right for you? Three different roofing sheets and their uses

Roofing sheets are available in different materials and profiles and are a versatile alternative to more traditional roofing such as tiles and slate. Available in a variety of types, each one is designed for a different application and manufactured to provide a weather-tight finish. Let’s take a look at three types of roofing sheets below.


Steel Roofing Sheets

Highly durable, energy-efficient and high performing, steel roofing sheets are widely used for many applications. The three main profiles are corrugated, box profile and tile effect roofing sheets.

Galvanised steel corrugated sheeting is the original profile for steel sheeting and provides a traditional look, predominantly used on industrial, agricultural and storage buildings. A more modern look is achieved with the galvanised steel square box profile which is widely used on industrial and commercial buildings but also a popular choice now for domestic use on garages and outbuildings. The crème de la crème choice of steel sheeting is the tile effect profile which gives the appearance of individual tiles but moulded onto long panels. These are popular for stables, garages, summer houses, workshops and domestic buildings for a more homely finish.

All three types of roof sheets are available in a range of colours to suit the style and branding needs. They are light and easy to install and can also be fitted over the top of an existing roof, which saves time and labour costs. The sheets have a life expectancy of over 25 years.


Fibre cement roofing sheet

Fibre cement roofing sheets are popular for farm and livestock buildings because any condensation produced by the livestock is absorbed into the cement fibre. They are also effective at muffling external noise which may frighten livestock. These roofing sheets are light and easy to install and are available in a variety of colours to blend in with the surroundings. Highly durable, they are weatherproof, chemical resistant and won’t rust, rot or corrode. If fitted correctly, they are virtually maintenance-free with a life expectancy of 30 years.


Fibreglass roof sheets

Made from glass-reinforced polymer, fibreglass roofing sheets allow natural daylight into buildings. Natural light makes for a better internal working environment, as well as reducing electricity costs. Fibreglass roofing sheets can be used alone or can replace panels of steel or fibre cement to create a skylight effect. They come in several different profiles to suit design needs. The sheets have a life expectancy of over 15 years.