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Z Purlins

If you are looking for z purlins to attach roofing sheets or wall cladding, we have just what you need. Our purlins are made from high quality materials to ensure ultimate durability. We have many years experience within the industry so you can be sure the products we stock are great quality as well as competitively priced.

What Are Z Purlins Used For?

Purlins are horizontal beams that allow you to safely attach roof sheets to the building. They sit between the sheet and the building, acting as a support for the sheet. This ensures that the roofing is firmly attached and safely in place.

Do You Need Z Purlins?

If you're looking for high quality z purlins at a great price, get in touch with us today on 01675 462 692. We are sure to have just what you are looking for, offering reliable advice along with unbeatable customer service. So don't delay, contact us today!

Thickness: We offer the following thicknesses/gauges:

  • 1.2mm
  • 1.3mm
  • 1.4mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 1.6mm
  • 1.8mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.3mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 3.0mm

Height: With a choice of the following heights: